Feb 10, 2021

CEF Team Wins 2nd Place in Conventa Best Event Award 2020

We recently joined the Conventa Best Event Award 2020 competition and are proud our team has been awarded second place in the category for the best B2B event. This recognition is an additional motivation for excellent work also in the future. The winners were announced by the international expert jury and by live voting from the participants of Conventa Trend Bar New Europe.

We entered the competition with the learning initiative on "Managing Financing and Costing of Pension System Reforms". Our goal for this event was to inspire public officials from South East Europe and boost their confidence, to boldly tackle complex reforms. With peer support at their hands at this event, special focus was put on creating a safe learning environment where participants felt ready to share difficult situations they encounter.

We challenged participants by engaging them in a role-play exercise. This enabled them to: 

  • step into the shoes of other stakeholders involved in negotiations, and
  • understand the importance of balancing different interests, instead of focusing only on their own.

In the end, participants pointed that one of the key lessons from this event was realizing that reform success largely depends on harnessing soft skills, and not just on technical knowledge. We proved that the ability to effectively respond to emotions is a crucial part of the public policymaking process.

We would like to congratulate STADA Arzneimittel AG for winning this competition. Further details on Conventa Best Event Award 2020 are available here.