Nov 18, 2021

CEF Wins Best 2020 Annual Report Award Third Time in a Row

At this year's competition for the best annual report organized by the Slovenian business daily Finance, we are proud to announce we won the award for the best 2020 annual report in the category of other organizations for the third consecutive year. We are delighted that our 2020 story of overnight transformation and innovations we introduced in our work, was recognized also by the jury of renowned experts appointed by daily Finance.

The main focus of this year's Annual Report was to highlight how we addressed the main challenges and the adaptations that we went through in this unprecedented year. On the operational side, much of our attention went into looking how to execute the learning program for 2020 in the online environment. In addition, we complied this report by having in mind the importance of sharing the knowledge and experience we have gained in this unique year marked by the pandemic.

As Jana Repanšek, CEF Director, writes in her welcome message of the 2020 Annual Report: “With the entire team dedicated to this goal, we anticipated the first learning event with some level of anxiety. Much to our relief, all the hard work invested in building a strong connection with our constituency paid off, and our first webinar during the lockdown had excellent participation. This gave us additional motivation to transform the remaining activities into an online format. We made sure that the learning activities were relevant to the demands of the region and the prospects brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. We also applied many innovative approaches to make the online learning environment engaging. Although from the outside, it might seem that our team managed these extreme circumstances with relative ease, great efforts were needed to make the CEF 2020 story a success. I feel immensely grateful to the entire team for going many extra miles in their dedication to the CEF, and to the people of the region that we all serve.”

We regard our Annual Report as much more than a set of financial figures and obligatory reporting. Instead, we see it is an important communication tool that celebrates the work successes of our organization. This is also the reason we are increasingly paying attention to its content structure and design, so the final report reflects the vision and values of our work.

We invite you to download the full report here and browse through CEF’s 2020 highlights.