Oct 7, 2021

Celebration Week at the CEF Marked by Governance Meetings

2021 is a landmark year for the CEF as we are celebrating our 20th anniversary of successful operations. On this occasion several events took place in the week of October 4-8, 2021. We were happy to re-connect also with our Advisory Board members and CEF Coordinators. Both groups represent important bodies in our governance structure which help us achieve our mandate.

Ms. Jana Repanšek, CEF Director, presented 2022-2026 CEF Strategy Direction which was confirmed by the Governing Board on June 8, 2021. As Ms. Repanšek presented the newly adopted strategic priorities, she also in more detail explained our methodology of becoming and being a learning organization. “Our effort to become and be a learning organization has dramatically strengthened our base, and has eventually led to organizational growth and an increase in the overall scope, quality and impact of our activities. We are convinced that the model of a learning organization is beneficial for public institutions, too. Practicing the building blocks of a learning organization will empower public officials as confident and networked leaders of ideas, people and reforms; teams to achieve results based on institutional values and collaboration; and public institutions themselves to improve their overall results.” noted Ms. Repanšek.

Together with CEF Coordinators, representatives of member institutions, and advisory board representing our donors and partners, we also discussed the CEF’s learning and knowledge sharing program for the upcoming year, addressed identified opportunities for cooperation in delivering this program, and looked for ways to harmonize joint activities in the region. Our coordination in program implementation reflects our ability to link the development cooperation goals of various stakeholders on the priority capacity development agenda for our constituency.

At the Advisory Board meeting we were also happy to welcome the independent, global think tank ODI as a new member. Recognizing valuable synergies in our work, their addition to the board will help us together with other members address strategic priorities, attain synergies in capacity development, funding and avoid duplications in Official Development Assistance implementation.

Both meetings were delivered on October 6, 2021.