Central Banking

The program supports our constituency’s efforts in ensuring strong and credible institutions, a developed financial and economic environment, and a sound and resilient financial system. It comprehensively encompasses the environment of central banks, taking into account its stakeholders. This way, we cover areas of financial stability and prudential supervision, developing financial markets and its infrastructure, as well as governance and functions of strategic communication and developing internal capacity.

We work closely with CEF Coordinators when identifying and capturing of needs and priorities of central banks in our constituency. With Central Banking Program Development Committee we further align our learning program with these learning needs. Thus, we make sure to answer to concrete needs and to put it in lign with international best practices.

The Central Banking program brings together public officials from central banks, ministries of finance and financial supervisory agencies to strenghten coordination between them, and to achieve greater coherence in monetary, fiscal, and financial sector policy. Our learning initiatives complement the existing technical cooperation activities in the region, aiming at strengthening institutions to maintain a sound and stable economic environment.

Central Banking learning program supports our constituency’s efforts in ensuring:

  • Strong and credible institutions

    By enhancing the credibility and transparency of central banks, we help to improve strategic communication with financial markets, the government and the general public.

  • Developed financial and economic environment

    We continue addressing the establishment of a sound and stable financial market infrastructure, especially through helping our constituency in their further development of payment and settlement systems.

  • Sound and resilient financial system

    We focus on better coordination among relevant institutions, through which we help central banks further strengthen their mandate of financial stability and improve their banking supervision capacities.

CEF Central Banking learning program is supported by Banka Slovenije.