Jul 3, 2017

Change in CEF Leadership

CEF’s long-term director Mira Dobovišek is retiring this summer. The CEF Governing Board has appointed Jana Repanšek as the new director, starting her term on July 1, 2017. Jana has served for many years as CEF’s deputy director.

Mira has been the director of the CEF since its establishment in 2001. Thanks to her leadership, support of the Slovenian Government, other members from South East Europe (SEE) and our partners, the CEF has grown as an institution during this time. Our program has expanded significantly to follow the demand for capacity development in the region. In 2001, five learning events were delivered. In the last years, the CEF has been managing around more than 50 learning events annually. The number of participants attending our events per year has risen by more than ten times over the past sixteen years.

The CEF started with three employees; currently it employs 26 people. Initially, six members from the SEE formed the CEF’s geographical focus. Today, the CEF’s constituency consists of 12 SEE countries. In 2015, the CEF changed its legal status to an international organization.

Jana has been working closely with Mira in the role of deputy director since 2005. We trust that the leadership of the institution has been handed over to the right person. The CEF team is determined to successfully continue fulfilling the CEF’s mission of supporting capacity development for finance officials in South East Europe, and we wish Jana all the best in her new role.