Aug 2, 2018

Role of Line Ministries in Public Financial Management in Albania and Montenegro

CEF continued session of in-country meetings on line ministries capacities to drive public financial management (PFM) reform and learning initiatives that support this effort by visiting Tirana and Podgorica on July 19-20. With this session of meetings, CEF gathered public officials from Albania and Montenegro that participated in “Strengthening Financial Management Functions of Line Ministries” project to hear their impressions and suggestions and present the main project outcomes.

During 2017 and 2018 CEF implemented the project “Strengthening Financial Management Functions of Line Ministries”, funded by the World Bank’s SAFE Trust Fund (established by the EU and SECO) that targeted line ministries and ministries of finance from the countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey. Project included learning initiatives on topics ranging from fiscal programming of structural reforms to budget submissions of line ministries. Initiatives were delivered as workshops held in Ljubljana and had a regional character.

At in-country meetings participants were introduced CEF Line Ministries Portal, online learning space that supports knowledge and experience exchange in public financial management among officials working at ministries of finance, line ministries and other public institutions in South East Europe. Attendees shared their impression about learning experience provided at CEF and confirmed that the knowledge gained during the events was very useful and important for their everyday work. They agreed that continuous development and communication with their colleagues from other countries have significant influence on strengthening the capacity to support and implement reforms in public sector. Meetings included introduction of forthcoming learning initiatives on the CEF and underlined the role of each learner as an expert of his/her domain.

In Albania the meeting was organized at Ministry of Finance and Economy premises. Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, Gelardina Prodani, expressed appreciation for the excellent and long-standing cooperation between her institution and the CEF. Montenegrin Ministry of Finance hosted the event in Podgorica, where CEF had opportunity to facilitate the lively debate that offered helpful insights enhancing the CEF's ability to match its program to beneficiary capacity development needs and priorities.