Jun 5, 2024

Enhancing Domestic Revenue Mobilization for Sustainable Development: Insights from CEF Workshops

In our Tax and Revenue Collection learning program, we address the importance of fostering domestic revenue mobilization (DRM). Through comprehensive and interactive workshops, we explore practical solutions for enhancing DRM, which is essential for promoting sustainable development. We are pleased to share key learning takeaways from Radovan Sekulić from the Montenegrin Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism, Anes Salman from the Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Nikola Aleksić from the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology of the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, highlighting the relevance of learning opportunities on these topics.

Mr. Aleksić found the learning program crucial for understanding the multifaceted nature of DRM. He noted that beyond the professional experience, his journey with the CEF has been something truly special—different, better, and deeply inspirational. “Unlike most other trainings and seminars where "they" teach and "we" listen, the CEF has developed a more interactive approach. Here, participants are just as important as the lecturers. Everyone collaborates, questions, reflects, seeks better solutions, and reconsiders attitudes, opinions, and decisions,” said Mr. Aleksić.

Similarly, Mr. Sekulić highlighted the transformative impact of the DRM workshops, “Attending these workshops exceeded all my expectations. One of the most significant moments for me was being invited to present two case studies on renewable energy sources and waste management in Montenegro. Sharing my experiences and ideas with the group was thrilling and significantly boosted my confidence, validating my expertise in the field.”

Mr. Salman also emphasized the value of the workshops, especially in facilitating his transition from participant to lecturer. “When preparing for the event, we discussed various topics such as green taxation, the costs of green transition, green bonds, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and green budget reform. This thorough preparation proved invaluable in delivering the subsequent case study. Additionally, the expert guidance provided by Maja Tomšič Pavlič, Branimir Jovanović, and Tilen Božič was instrumental in facilitating the presentation of my case study. Their expertise made the transition from participant to lecturer seamless, highlighting the importance of sharing gathered knowledge and insights in such activities,” said Mr. Salman.

A key feature of our learning activities is the collaborative learning environment, where participants can share experiences and solutions with peers from different countries and develop tailored strategies by learning from each other's successes and challenges. Mr. Aleksić confirms this by saying, “Most importantly, the CEF has helped me view everyday challenges from a completely different perspective, which has positively impacted my work. The experiences shared by colleagues from neighboring countries are particularly important, as we share similar legal, economic, and political systems. When you have the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from others, you realize how much you can help each other.”

Mr. Sekulić complements this thought by adding, “What you learn and work on at the CEF is directly applicable to your daily work. Since participants come from different countries but face similar challenges, it is easy to find solutions to common problems. The most valuable takeaway was the feedback from participants, who shared recent experiences and activities from their own countries, particularly in the waste management sector, where we in Montenegro have much room for improvement. This kind of knowledge exchange is crucial, as all countries in the region are on the same path toward EU integration, sharing similar standards and development levels.”

All three would highly recommend anyone interested in DRM to join the CEF’s future learning opportunities. Mr. Salman expressed his satisfaction with the program, stating, "This learning event was extraordinary. I acquired knowledge that will certainly be used in my organization in the future, especially considering the importance of the green transition." Echoing this sentiment, Mr. Aleksić emphasized the unique qualities of the CEF, saying, “The CEF is an organization of good people and professionals who work with great enthusiasm and achieve enviable results. I have attended countless seminars, but the CEF is special. From the employees to the participants, everything is unique. The hospitality of our hosts in Ljubljana made me feel at home every day." Mr. Sekulić further encouraged participation in CEF workshops, stating, "I encourage anyone interested in sustainable finance and environmental protection to attend CEF workshops and embark on their own journey of growth and impact. Together, we can make a difference in creating a more sustainable future. You will have the chance to improve your knowledge, learn up-to-date practices, and connect with peers from around the world."