Nov 30, 2022

Economic Reform Programme Teams Met to Review Draft Measures

This fall we were happy to work with the officials involved in the design, costing, and budgeting of structural reforms outlined in the Economic Reform Programmes (ERPs). Workshops took place in Tirana, Skopje, Mostar, Pristina, and Vrdnik, while officials from Türkiye met online. All beneficiary-specific events were delivered as part of the EU-funded multi-beneficiary project “Structural Reforms Better Integrated Within Fiscal Frameworks” (FISR2) implemented by the CEF.

As a continuation of the CEF’s support to the European Union (EU) candidates and potential candidates in preparation for their ERPs for the period 2023 – 2025, the events were delivered during October and November 2022. They were designed in close cooperation with the ERP Coordination teams to ensure the specific learning needs of each team were well addressed. The event's objective was to develop the capacities of line ministries to estimate implementation costs and financing sources of structural reforms, as well as to set performance indicators in line with the latest European Commission’s Guidelines for ERP preparation, published in June 2022.  

With very active and constructive engagement, all participants attending the events created an open space for feedback, sharing reflections, and testing ideas for improvements. The ERP Coordination teams co-facilitated the discussions on structural reform measures, examining different perspectives to enhance the efforts and the results also in the future. We are happy to see the enthusiasm for progress in the programming of structural reforms going strong also within the FISR2 project.

These beneficiary-specific workshops will be wrapped in December 2022, with the two-day event in Podgorica.