Everything You Wanted to Know about SR

Everything you wanted to know about structural reforms (SR) is a collection of key knowledge, learning materials and shared experiences that have been captured during the implementation of the regional Fiscal Implications of Structural Reforms (FISR) project. They have been prepared and collected by many international and regional experts, the teams of the European Commission, and the CEF between 2019 and 2022. It presents FISR knowledge legacy.

The implementation of SRs often faces challenges due to the lack of capacities for their proper prioritization, medium-term planning, design, calculation of costs, and integration into the fiscal framework. All those topics have been covered during the implementation of the project and are presented in this collection. It addresses analytical and costing capacities, coordination inside and between governmental institutions, and regional cooperation.

The FISR knowledge legacy will benefit everyone interested in the Economic Reform Programmes (ERP), and especially all candidate countries and potential candidates who need to submit their annual ERPs to the European Commission. Officials from line ministries and finance ministries and ERP coordinators will find answers on topics such as SR prioritization, costing of SRs, monitoring the implementation of SRs, the ERP process, coordination and communication among key stakeholders, and everything else that is important to understand in preparing the ERPs.

Besides the ERP related topics, the collection includes materials on knowledge sharing. Facilitating a face-to-face or online event (e.g. annual ERP launch) means understanding the learning needs of participants and their different learning styles, creating an agenda with carefully selected topics, being able to use different facilitation techniques that will boost collaboration and knowledge exchange among peers, share valuable feedback, and communicate with care.

The collection of the FISR knowledge legacy can be accessed through:

In the FISR knowledge legacy you will find presentations, informative videos, case studies, tips and tricks, guidelines and other publications that were created and collected during the project utilization.


The implementation of the regional Fiscal Implications of Structural Reforms (FISR) project has been funded by the European Union (EU) through its Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II) and carried out by the CEF.

Funded by the European Union