Mar 18, 2020

Mainstreaming Gender Responsive Budgeting in Public Policy Planning and Budgeting

Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) secretariat recently issued a new diagnostic tool which helps countries collect information on gender responsive public financial management (GRPFM). Gender responsive budgeting (GRB), a recognized tool to achieve gender equality, is increasingly being leveraged in South East Europe and world-wide.

During the recent webinar we presented PEFA supplementary framework for assessing GRPFM. Urška Zrinski from PEFA Secretariat highlighted that growing number of countries are integrating GRB in the design, implementation, and evaluation of budget policies. She explained that PEFA framework uses the term ‘gender responsive public financial management’ as opposed to ‘gender responsive budgeting’. This is not to differentiate it from GRB but instead to further highlight the importance of integrating gender considerations throughout the budget cycle and in all the relevant PFM systems, processes, and institutions that underpin budget decisions.

During our online discussion on the mainstreaming of GRB in public policy planning and budgeting, Maja Bosnić, a team leader of GRB project in Ukraine, and Romawaty Sinaga from The World Bank explained how the  PEFA’s supplementary framework for assessing GRPFM​ is being tested in Ukraine and Indonesia. Ms. Bosnić noted that in Ukraine they have been primarily focusing on gender budget analysis, and the results of the pilot framework for assessing GRPFM will be used to prepare a roadmap of measures to step-by-step institutionalize GRB in regular budget processes. In continuation, Ms. Sinaga explained that in Indonesia GRB is driven by a special ministry in cooperation with the ministry of finance. 

We finished off  the webinar by addressing  gender-responsive investment management (PIM) as PIM can be very prominent in addressing gender equality.

The webinar was delivered on March 4, 2020. More information about PEFA GRPFM can be found at: