Apr 21, 2017

Good Audit Experience Improves Working Procedures

Mite Mitevski has attended five learning events at the CEF in the past nine years that enriched him in lessons learned and strengthened his network with colleagues from other countries. He has stayed in touch with these colleagues through social networks and has followed up with them to discuss issues related to auditing or to exchange learning materials.

What I particularly like at the CEF learning events is the representation of participants with various backgrounds, ranging from senior managers to junior auditors, which facilitates sharing of experience. The CEF initiatives enable participants to gain new contacts and strengthen their networks, which serves as a good basis for further cooperation. 

I also find the CEF’s online storage of event materials very useful, as it provides easy access to materials also after the event, so that I can share them with my colleagues at work. 

I remember some of these learning events as especially beneficial. For example, at the 2008 workshop on Internal and External Audit I delivered a presentation together with colleagues from the Macedonian State Audit Office. Learning about new concepts and sharing knowledge with other participants deepened my understanding of cooperation between internal and external auditors. After I returned to the office, I increased my cooperation with external auditors, as it is a standard procedure at our ministry. The workshop helped me better understand the importance of such cooperation, especially when auditors perform an audit at our ministry. 

I would also like to bring out the Financial Audit workshop that presented examples of good practice, like Slovenia’s experience with auditing, and shared useful methods for sampling and calculation, which I now use regularly. After the workshop I applied different examples of statistical sampling in my work. 

Recently, I attended the workshops on Tackling Fraud and Corruption, and Strengthening the Management of Internal Audit Activity to Add Value. Both of them were highly informative and useful. A Dutch expert gave an excellent presentation about the role of internal auditor in case of fraud and how to detect it. I also learned about quality assurance process on the basis of Slovenia’s experience that I will try to apply in my work.

Mite Mitevski,
Advisor - Internal Auditor
Internal Audit Department
Ministry of Finance, Macedonia