Jan 4, 2022

PACT Training Program Contributes to Improvements in Public Sector Accounting in North Macedonia

As the Public Accountants Certification Training (PACT) program in North Macedonia was successfully completed, we were happy to talk to Atanasko Atanasovski, tutor and co-leader for Financial Accounting module of the PACT program, about this internationally recognized professional qualification program for public sector accountants in North Macedonia.

“As a tutor and co-leader of the group of tutors in the financial accounting module for PACT certification, I appreciate the opportunity to provide training in the  International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and their application for public sector accountants in North Macedonia. The PACT program provides valuable training for the development of competencies among accountants in applying accrual-based principles and the rules of accounting and preparation of IPSAS compliant financial statements for governmental entities. It builds essential human capital to support future efforts of the government, while transitioning public sector accounting and financial management system to an accrual basis.

The group of public sector accountants was actively involved in the training activities designed to understand the principles of accrual accounting and application of relevant IPSAS standards, identify application challenges in the local setting and recognize the expected benefits of modern accounting practices. The delivery of the PACT program training was challenging and often required on-the-go adjustments of the training methods. Although challenged by the Covid-19 pandemic, we successfully employed inventive teaching and tutoring tools in cooperation with the CEF project leaders and staff. We did this through live web consultations and discussion forums to provide appropriate learning support for the PACT students. The CEF project team, the tutors and PACT program participants will bring forward invaluable experience from the completion of the project.”