Apr 11, 2017

It is Beneficial for an Internal Auditor to Gain Knowledge of Audited Areas Through Discussions

Marjeta Kržič works as internal auditor at the Bank of Slovenia, where she also covers audits of banking supervision, as well as she has been performing Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) audits. We have done a value creation interview with her.

To better understand the audited areas, I have participated in a few seminars at the CEF, which I have found particularly useful. The knowledge obtained at the last CEF learning event on Prudential On-Site Inspections in 2016 helped me considerably in my audit efforts in the area of banking supervision. 

It is highly beneficial to learn about the best practices in more advanced European countries, such as Belgium and the Netherlands. I also very much appreciate the possibility of interactive discussions and questions during the learning events.

Communication with banking supervisors from other countries has enabled me to learn about their best practices, which I now try to implement at my work. Moreover, it has given me a great opportunity to see matters from the banking supervisors' point of view to better focus on risk assessment. Therefore, I am interested in attending also future CEF events on banking supervision, such as supervisory review and evaluation process (SREP), stress tests, and liquidity risk. 

Another field of interest for me are soft skills, as our work depends on timely and effective communication with different stakeholders. This is why I closely follow these discussions and try to apply the best practices in my work with different stakeholders and the management. 

The CEF learning events have helped me see a broader picture of particular case and share experience with other participants, thus complementing our own internal training procedures, which the Bank of Slovenia delivers also in cooperation with other national central banks. 

Marjeta Kržič
Advisor Internal Auditor
Bank of Slovenia