CEF Job Shadowing for Representatives of ReSPA Regional Mobility Programme

Jul 8 – 12, 2024 Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee

The CEF supports the Regional Mobility Programme of the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA). In 2024, the CEF will host four representatives of this programme for a week of job shadowing.

About this learning event

The CEF Job Shadowing aims to:

  • Contribute to promoting regional cooperation and integration within the EU
  • Exchange of good practices and experiences among the participants, and strengthen their network for peer learning
  • Give an insight into the work of the CEF Secretariat Team, and identify opportunities for joint future initiatives

What will you learn

The Job Shadowing will consist of several learning and knowledge sharing sessions, labs and social activities. Some are led by CEF Secretariat Team Members and others by the CEF Job Shadowing Visitors. Among the topics addressed are: designing a regional learning project, quality assurance of learning, empowering everyone to celebrate their achievements, team building, project evaluation, designing a regional webinar on communication, curating the knowledge of communities of practice, etc.

In the learning labs, the lead facilitators introduce a work-related challenge, and then engage other participants in an open discussion aimed at co-creating solutions and surfacing ideas to address the challenge. Labs can make use of facilitation techniques, e.g., visual capturing of the discussion outcomes. The CEF will support the preparation of the labs.