Learning solutions

We support knowledge and experience sharing among the SEE region’s finance officials through four distinct types of learning solutions.

Collaborative Learning approaches the act of learning as a social experience. It holds that new knowledge is generated when individual learners share their experience and good practice, helping achieve a shared goal. Collaborative learners engage in each other’s learning for a number of reasons. They seek, for example, to solve a problem, to obtain new information, to get new perspectives, or to gain reassurance for a new idea.

Expert-Based Learning adds value through high-quality face-to-face learning events that are based on a thorough understanding of needs across the region and range from two-day workshops to five-day intensive events. We design highly interactive learning events that alternate between presentations by subject-matter experts and hands-on exercises that help maximize learning.

Online Learning initiatives recognize that technology is transforming the ways people learn. Thanks to modern online learning tools, digital learning environment holds unprecedented potential to bring about change, be it on the personal, institutional, or country level. Online learning enables us to engage a broad group of stakeholders to learn together and develop timely, customized and cost-effective solutions to reform related challenges. Visit the CEF Online Learning Campus to learn more.

Structured Learning includes certification and specialization courses of longer duration, usually at least a year, leading to an internationally recognized qualification. The program responds to the region’s learning needs by providing comprehensive in-class training and examinations, together with access to the highly valuable practical experience of mentors who work as practitioners in various areas of the public sector.

Experince Learning at the CEF