Mar 6, 2018

Managing Health Care Costing and Financing

We successfully concluded workshop on ‘Managing Health Care Costing and Financing’ that was delivered at the CEF between February 28 and March 2, 2018. The workshop was attended by 32 participants from 13 SEE countries and 7 lecturers from Slovene academic and government institutions, the World Bank and USAID, who exchanged experience and views on the topic. With this workshop the CEF continues its efforts in strengthening financial capacities of officials from line ministries.

This workshop aimed at helping public officials better understand the key factors undermining efficiency of health care spending, as well as shortcomings in procedures and institutional organization to explain what improvements can be made to ensure better management of health care policies. Participants at the workshop represented the key institutions involved in management of a health care system- ministries of health, health insurance funds, institute of public health, and parliamentary health committee.

At the workshop we examined possible approaches to improvement of health care financing and reduction of sector specific fiscal risks through better coordination of allocated financial resources. We discussed the specifics of health care sector financing, prospects for improvement of spending efficiency, as well as introduction of strategic purchasing procedures to ensure financial sustainability and desired policy outcomes. Fiscal programming in the sector and possible solutions were also addressed through examining good practices in the region, group assignments, exchange of experiences, and round table discussions between participants and visiting lecturers.

This workshop is the first in series designed to explain how PFM reforms influence managing and financing of other policy sectors. The health care will remain in our focus since it is expected that in coming years the health care reforms will be one of the key fiscal challenge in SEE countries as they will encounter a need to reduce public debts, while also to respond to demographic challenges and technological advancements.

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If you would like to be part of the community, join us in October at the next learning initiative on “Introducing Evidence-Based Budgeting” in health sector.