Jun 22, 2016

CEF was established on the initiative of Slovenia’s Ministry of Finance, and we are one of the official channels for implementing Slovenia’s international development cooperation. The Ministry of Finance of Slovenia provides our headquarters in Ljubljana and is the main donor to our workshops program and partners with us to support certification programs for public sector accountants and internal auditors in Slovenia and across the region. Mr Dušan Mramor, Minister of Finance, in the role of the chair of CEF governing board reflects on the recent developments of the CEF as international organization:

«2015 marks the first year of the CEF as an international organization. During this period the Governing Board focused on the adoption of the key framework rules to ensure the CEF’s smooth transition to a new legal status. I am pleased to note that our work was successfully accomplished. In 2015 the CEF also put forward a new five-year learning program. Prepared in close cooperation with the constituency members and donor partners, it tries to address the region’s needs in the most optimal and efficient way. I am confident that such a learning approach will allow for even more effective support to capacity development for finance officials in South East Europe.

I find it heartening that the number of full-fledged members of the CEF is steadily increasing. Following Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, and Slovenia, Romania has also successfully concluded the ratification procedure of the Agreement on Establishing the Center of Excellence in Finance and joined the CEF family. We will warmly welcome other members from South East Europe once their internal procedures for accession to the Agreement are concluded. Going forward, the CEF membership is open to any additional country or international organization interested in promotion of knowledge exchange, delivery of training and facilitation of technical assistance in public financial management, central banking and other areas of public administration.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate the commitment of the Government of Slovenia to continue supporting the CEF. I look forward to our future cooperation.»