May 12, 2016

Nina Blečić from Ministry of Finance Reflecting on the Usefulness of Training in Daily Work of Internal Auditors

Nina Blečić from Ministry of Finance sharing with us her experience with our training in Montenegro and how auditors find it useful for their daily work.

I had nothing less but great experience with the On the Job workshop as I saw how auditors applied the acquired knowledge, as well as how those who had never conducted an audit before learned and thought about control objectives and risks. Some groups were easier to work with – it is always easy to work with people who are open and ready to hear and learn something new and share experiences. 

Certainly, a group with fewer members is easier to work with since all have the opportunity to get involved and participate equally.

It is also important that course participants can freely ask about anything that they are interested in or that they have not understood. 

Audit is a team effort and it brings good results only if you can exchange opinions. I believe that we have achieved this with the OTJ, as we had discussions throughout the entire process of drafting the report. 

Last but not least, I also learned together with them – the exchange of experiences and knowledge made us come up with results as a joint effort.

Nina Blečić
Head of Department for Harmonisation of Financial Management and Control
Ministry of Finance