Jul 19, 2018

New IMF Regional Revenue Administration Advisor for South East Europe Joined the CEF

Mr. Allan Leon Jensen joined the CEF recently in the position of IMF Regional Revenue Administration Advisor for South East Europe (SEE). His assignment is funded by the European Union and is a component of the IMF technical assistance program to improve tax administrations in six SEE countries.

Mr. Jensen has extensive experience in revenue administration and the region. Since 2005, he has been employed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington delivering strategic guidance and capacity building to developing, emerging, and advanced economies in Europe. This has included the project management of large scale donor financed IMF technical assistance programs on revenue administration in SEE, including leading IMF headquarters missions, managing long-term regional advisors and coordinating short-term expert assignments. Mr. Jensen’s experiences with revenue administration matters are extensive stemming from many years of employment with the IMF in Washington DC, the European Commission, and the Danish Revenue Administration.

The CEF is very much looking forward to working with Mr. Jensen.

Together with Mr. Jensen's assistance we will continue in our successful collaboration and combining IMF’s technical assistance with CEF’s learning in support the SEE countries on their way to achieving modern, effective and efficient revenue administrations.

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