Nov 13, 2018

Partnership for Professional Development with Tax Administration of Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the CEF constituent countries. Its public officials regularly attend CEF learning initiatives. Miomir M. Mugoša, Director General of Tax Administration of Montenegro about partnership between the two institutions and value added of CEF learning activities:

«The CEF has been our long-standing partner in the process of education and professional training of tax officials, as the most important resource of the tax administration. The CEF seminars and workshops on outstanding topics in the field of tax policy enable connecting officials from tax administrations of the region and beyond; and promote exchange of experience, knowledge and good practice. They thus allow the implementation of international standards in the national tax systems.

We appreciate the expertise, openness for cooperation and knowledge exchange with the IMF, Tax Administration of the Netherlands, and other leading tax agencies. The professionalism and hospitality of the CEF staff speaks for itself. Our tax officers come back from Ljubljana full of enthusiasm to implement the acquired knowledge into their daily tasks. At the CEF they feel at home.

Bearing in mind the experience so far, I am looking forward to many more years of successful cooperation. Each learning event brings even more professional and more motivated employees who are able to respond to all the challenges in implementing tax policies and tax collection and build together a modern and proactive tax administration.»

Statement from the CEF 2017 Annual Report.