Jun 27, 2017

Renovated Terrace – Wider Learning and Networking Space

We renovated our 4th floor terrace to widen our networking and learning space. The terrace used to be a walk-through area to get to the offices located on the other side of the building. With the renovation, it became a place of formal and informal meetings for our staff. It was recently used as a venue of an evening reception at one of our events and we might also use it for some sessions at our learning events.

Two years ago, we also renovated our central lobby with the intent to create a learning space that motivates learning in a relaxed atmosphere and encourages networking. The renovation was very well received among our staff and training participants, and so we decided to also renovate our 4th floor terrace.

After successful collaboration with architect Jure Kotnik for the renovation of our lobby, we again teamed up with him to make our terrace a more enjoyable and inspiring place. It now reminds of a lawn after mowing with white boxes serving as tables or chairs. Pots with lavender are not only pleasant for the senses, but also serve as teamwork for the staff to water the flowers.