Apr 13, 2022

ReSPA Working Groups Visited CEF

Building on successful co-operation between the Regional School for Public Administration (ReSPA) and the CEF, we were happy to welcome ReSPA Working Groups on Center of Government and Better Regulation at our premises. Following the signed Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations, this study visit is an important step forward in pursuing the strong partnership between ReSPA and the CEF.

During the study visit CEF Director Jana Repanšek and ReSPA Director Maja Handjiska-Trendafilova briefed each other regarding the new strategic outlooks both organizations have adopted. ReSPA's role as a facilitator of better public administration services to citizens and businesses in the Western Balkans remains complementary to the CEF's effort to inspire public officials, both individuals and teams, to shape institutional governance that drives successful economies and fair societies.

We shared our story how we have transformed into a learning organization and presented our own methodology on how an institution can become a learning organization. This presentation was complemented with a discussion on how public institutions can increase effectiveness through learning and knowledge sharing. We also shared our experience in working with Economic Reform Programme coordinators and how we have through our learning activities supported integration of structural reforms into fiscal frameworks. In turn, we were also intrigued to learn in more detail about the mandate and scope of work of the Respa’s Centre-of-Government and Better Regulation working groups. 

The sessions generated lively discussions on issues of common interest and resulted in a rewarding learning and networking experience. 

The study visit took place on April 13, 2022.