Roundtable Under Romanian Presidency to the EU (RO19EU): Marking the 10th Anniversary of Eastern Partnership

Roundtable: March 22, 2019ILjubljana, Slovenia

Since it was launched in 2009 as a specific dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy, the Eastern Partnership (EaP) has developed and strengthened strategic and mutually benefitting relationships between the EU and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, respectively. We believe that the anniversary is the appropriate time for reflection on what we have achieved so far and to project ways of improvement in the future, what difficulties we have met and what challenges lay ahead of us. It is also a time to set new goals and expectations.

Participants will share their assessment on the EaP’s progress and its possible future, from both political and technical perspectives. The agenda was designed to stimulate the exchange of views on the current dynamics of the region as well as the prospects for strengthening the EU's cooperation with the EaP states. While visions may differ, both among EaP states and EU Member States, there is enough common ground for further development. Our hope is therefore that the Round Table will highlight this path through interactive debates carried out at CEF.