Nov 21, 2016

Slovenia Published Its First Citizens Budget

The CEF participated in the drafting of the first citizens budget of the Republic of Slovenia.

Citizens budgets are increasingly recognized budget documents that can enhance public involvement in the budget process through improved understandability. To help the general public understand budget priorities and other important public finance information, they are typically written in non-technical language, including visuals.

This is why the State budget of the Republic of Slovenia, prepared by the Ministry of Finance of Slovenia and the CEF, includes visual elements and uses accessible language and is presented in the form of infographics. Its focus is on the budget for 2017 and it clearly highlights the budget priorities, major revenue and expenditure items and general budget information that are important for the Slovene public.

Besides being involved in drafting the citizens budget for Slovenia, the CEF has been promoting strengthened fiscal transparency through its learning program for finance officials, and through (co)organizing special events and meetings, such as the presentation of the Open Budget Survey 2015 and the meeting of the 12th OECD regional network of Senior Budget Officials in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe that addressed the standards and practices for strengthened fiscal transparency.

The Slovene version of the citizens budget is accessible here.