Oct 9, 2023

Strengthening Development Cooperation: Insights from the 11th Slovenian Development Days and 2023 learn4dev Annual Meeting

As an official channel for implementing international development cooperation, we were happy to participate at the 11th Slovenian Development Days and contribute to discussions dedicated to the challenges of development cooperation in times of growing global crises and threats to peace, security, and respect for human rights.

CEF Director Jana Repanšek joined the expert panel discussion focusing on priority areas of operation, challenges, and predictable financing for Slovenian development projects in new global crises. Ms. Repanšek shared how by applying people-centered learning approach and practicing the principles of a learning organization, we have strengthened our competencies, which has helped us grow as an organization and increase the impact of our activities.

“Through our different types of partnerships, we achieve interconnected goals: good governance that encourages an inclusive and collaborative environment and helps us achieve our mandate, sustainable financing and diversification of donors, and promotion of regional and global expertise that contributes to the relevance and ownership of our learning and networking program. Altogether, and all in their respective ways, partner relations help us steer our work in a way that leads to our value added for our constituency professionals, their teams, and institutions,” explained Ms. Repanšek. 

As part of the Slovenian Development Days, we were also happy to host the 2023 learn4dev annual meeting and engage in meaningful peer learning and knowledge sharing with many international development organizations. During the Annual Meeting, we explored learning strategies that promote enhanced knowledge management within organizations. Member institutions had the opportunity to present and discuss their approaches to effectively capturing, organizing, retaining, and sharing knowledge. The meeting also featured a marketplace where members showcased their ongoing activities, explored opportunities for future collaborations, and sought peer review on new ideas and initiatives. 

The 11th Slovenian Development Days took place between October 2 and 6, 2023 in Ljubljana. They were organized by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in cooperation with the SLOGA Platform, Slovenian Caritas, and CEF and within the framework of the Fund for Bilateral Relations of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.