Oct 24, 2016

TIAPS Student Shares His Experience About the Training

Martin Majstorov, internal auditor at Municipality of Veles and student in the Macedonian Training of Internal Auditors in the Public Sector shares his experience about the training and how the knowledge he acquired will help him improve his work.

I participated in the certification training of public sector internal auditors, organized by the CEF and CIPFA, and I am very pleased and grateful for such an opportunity of professional development.

The teaching quality and response of lecturers to my colleagues’ requirements for additional knowledge, information and clarifications resulted in a successfully completed training, which is additional motivation to continue with upgrading our knowledge of internal audit in the public sector.

The organization of the training course and the study materials for all four modules provided useful information as well as practical and theoretical point-of-views through beautifully designed and formulated discussions. In addition to transferring theoretical knowledge, we had discussions with the lecturers in a positive spirit of cooperation, which all left a strong impression on me.

The acquired knowledge is highly beneficial for me as an internal auditor in my institution. After the completion of the course I started to practice new skills in the area of planning and implementation of audit tasks, monitoring, implementation of controls, risk management, financial accounting, interpretation of national legislation, tax calculation, and more.

The biggest benefit for me was expanding my knowledge in some of the key requirements of the audit profession in national legislation and international standards, including the methodology for internal audit based approach risks as well as drafting reports on internal audit.

I am fairly confident that the newly acquired knowledge, experience and skills will contribute to building up not only my personal capabilities but, also those of the entire internal audit unit at our institution, generating significant added value.

I sincerely hope that the CEF and CIPFA will continue organizing learning programs of this type, aimed at continuous upgrading of the skills of internal auditors, which is beneficial not only for public sector organizations but for the entire national economy.