Jun 19, 2016

With European Commission We Supported Strategic Planning and Budgeting Project in SEE

In 2015, we successfully concluded a two-year project on Strategic Planning and Budgeting. Since 2013, we delivered 21 learning and networking activities reaching out to more than 400 participants. We benefited from cooperation with the IMF FAD, Joint Vienna Institute and Regional School of Public Administration, and involved over 50 experts in this field. This project was funded by European Union. Mr. Simon Mordue, Director for Strategy and Turkey, DG NEAR, European Commission on the project and cooperation with the CEF:

« The Strategic Planning and Budgeting program, financed by the EU, was part of this integrated strategy aiming at fostering public administration reform in the region of the Western Balkans and Turkey. It has enhanced the capacities of both ministries of finance and line ministries through a structured and constructive sharing of experience and good practices, by creating networks that should facilitate the integration of structural reforms into fiscal frameworks.

This program has been a good example of cooperation between the Center of Excellence in Finance, the IMF, the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA), the Joint Vienna Institute, the EU and other organizations towards the improvement of the economic governance of our partners. I would like to acknowledge the outstanding performance of the CEF in implementing this EU project. I also encourage all partners in the region to continue taking advantage of the CEF expertise.»