Dec 30, 2018

Why CEF Webinar Series Creates Value

Taking into account the evolving dynamics of learning that the online environment is offering, we are continuously engaging with finance officials across South East Europe (SEE) and beyond also by complementing our face-to-face knowledge exchange events with a series of webinars on selected topics. Ms. Ampova has been regularly attending CEF webinars across different thematic areas and we were curious to find out what value has the CEF webinar series created for her personally and why she regards webinars as an effective way for sharing knowledge.

“I am Blagorodna Ampova, and I am employed at the Association of Finance Officers of the Local Governments and Public Enterprises with its headquarters in Veles, Republic of Macedonia. Since my graduation in 2000 at the faculty of economics, I have been continuously attending different courses both for my formal and informal education. In July 2018, I gained a master’s degree in financial management.

Webinars organized by the CEF are a new experience for me as they allow learning from the working place I enrolled for all webinars, and I found them very interesting. First and foremost, I had the opportunity to virtually meet extraordinary people with excellent knowledge and skills and to learn from them, with no costs at all.

I found some of the topics very useful, so I took notes during the webinars. I would like to especially point out the experiences gained and solutions implemented by other countries in the region. For instance, we had excellent presenters from Croatia, who talked about positive examples of decreasing costs for local institutions. Other presenters from different countries discussed the valuation of assets. I was very happy to discover one of the speakers to be my fellow student from the faculty, Igor, now employed in the National Bank of Republic of Macedonia, who presented some interesting facts.

I found that you post the webinars also on YouTube, so I shared the information with my colleagues with whom I discussed some of the issues addressed in the webinars.”