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Workshop: September 18 – 20, 2018ILjubljana, SloveniaIApplication deadline: August 17, 2018IAccounting and Auditing

If you want to become an IT auditor or learn more about the IT audit, a solid body of knowledge is essential. Participating at this event will give you an opportunity for strengthening your understanding of the IT audit and improving your skills for performing IT audits.

About this learning event

Nowadays, the extent of governmental and budgeting processes that depend on IT systems, is rising. Solid IT systems are also vital for the continuous improvements and innovation of processes in public sector organizations. Managers demand reliable IT systems and because the increasing extent of information comes out of IT systems, managers ask for assurance that IT risks are controlled. Thus, it is essential to identify IT risks, review IT controls or in other words assure that IT systems work well and contribute to the organizational objectives while protecting resources.

Because management is responsible for the performance of IT processes they also require an objective and high quality standards from their IT operations. With the in-depth knowledge of IT systems, IT auditors are able to perform tailor made audits and assessments in which risks are identified. To reduce these identified risks IT auditors play a crucial role in providing management with key recommendations that aim to help improve the overall quality and performance of IT systems. In short, IT auditing is becoming increasingly important.

What you will learn:

The main objective of this workshop is to familiarize participants with the underlying principles and standards, methodology and stages of IT audit execution.

During the workshop we will discuss the following topics:

  • Important IT knowledge for IT auditors
  • Application controls and IT general controls
  • IT audit approaches and tools
  • IT security tools
  • IT audit stages

How you will benefit

The three-day learning event will be facilitated by two experts from the Central Government Audit Service, the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands. This workshop will focus on developing participants’ capacities in IT auditing and will allow them to apply the acquired knowledge in their daily work. Special attention will be put to the demonstration of audit tools.

By the end of the course, participants are expected to:

  • Have improved basic IT knowledge important for IT auditors
  • Have improved understanding of IT risks
  • Have learned about principles and common methodology of IT audit
  • Be familiar with the utilization of audit tools
  • Have gained insights in the process of performing an IT audit, from start-up to filling of the report.

Who should attend

The workshop is designed primarily for IT auditors working in public sector organizations. This workshop is also recommended for (internal and external) auditors who are interested in conducting IT-audits, as well as financial, quality and IT managers, IT project leaders, system analysts, and supervisors.

Your contributions

The workshop will be highly participatory. Participants will have the opportunity to share experience and knowledge.

Event will be in ENGLISH only. No Translation will be provided.


Dutch Central Government Audit Service Experts


This learning initiative is supported by:

Slovenia's Development Cooperation Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
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