Our efforts are geared toward the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of the established elements of the public internal and financial control (PIFC) framework while also taking into account countries' reform plans in PFM. We continue focusing on improving internal and external accountability mechanisms, and increased effectiveness in the use of public funds. We encourage public sector auditors from ministries of finance, line ministries, central banks, supreme audit institutions (SAIs), and other public sector institutions to enhance their skills and competencies needed to fulfill their mandates and increase the impact of their work. We discuss how the digitalization of the public sector leads to new risks, look into the way risk management can be improved, the internal control system strengthened and protected from corrupt behavior and activities.

Topic lead

Kaja Jurtela

Specialist, Learning Program


2023 Highlights


Effective communication is key to performing successful audit activities. The first highlight of the 2023 program will be Strengthening Communication Skills blended learning event. It will focus on key communication skills and tools that internal auditors can use to deliver high-impact activities. We will as well deliver Performance Auditing workshop that will address various audit cases and provide the opportunity to practice performance auditing skills. As also auditing is influenced by the digitalization trend, one of the highlights of the program will be addressing reinforcement of different digital tools to assure quality and efficiency of audit work. Finally, we will address Managerial Accountability concept and SAIs transformation into learning organizations. We will also look at the central banks and how they face different contemporary challenges, such as climate changes, digitalization and fintech, and what implication they have on central banks’ risk management and internal and external governance.

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