Our program for internal auditors focuses on the Public Internal Financial Control (PIFC), which has been developed by the EU to guide candidate and potential candidate countries in reforming their public internal control systems, or in introducing an internal control system across their public sector to ensure good governance and protect public resources. We offer workshops program and certification program for public sector internal auditors.

Auditing Workshops

The 2022 learning program is addressing audit within broader public internal financial control (PIFC) and Public Financial Management reforms that support internal and external accountability, transparency, and good governance in the public sector. It also supports supreme audit institutions addressing their strengthened role and involving external auditors. The results achieved thus far are a testimony of our growing ability to bridge existing knowledge gaps, improve capacities and help develop required skills. Carefully selected learning topics will support our constituency in improving the quality and effectiveness of the established elements of the PIFC framework as well as increasing the audit impact through understanding how the digitalization of the public sector leads to new risks, improved risk management, financial management and control (FMC), and empowerment of central harmonization units. This regional peer-to-peer learning program will continue to bring together finance and internal audit practitioners across ministries of finance, line ministries, central banks, and other public sector institutions.

Auditing Certification Program

CEF will continue supporting constituency needs to strengthen public sector internal audit in line with international standards and EU accession process requirements.

The Training of Internal Auditors in the Public Sector (TIAPS) program was successfully completed in Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Slovenia. A preparatory project for introducing TIAPS was successfully completed also in Georgia in early 2020. The program success is showcased by numerous value creation stories. We are currently redesigning TIAPS.