Facilitation and Presentation Techniques for Financial Market Supervisors: Training-of-Trainers

Workshop: November 26 – 28, 2019ILjubljana, SloveniaIApplication deadline: October 25, 2019ICentral Banking, Leadership for Managing Reforms

Training-of-trainers aims at strengthening institutional capacities in sharing expertise of central banks and financial supervisory authorities. These institutions pay a lot of attention to knowledge and sharing of knowledge is for them of great importance. This workshop strives to better enable experts to share their knowledge and skills within their institution and externally. This workshop will also help them to more effectively present their findings, reports or in their every-day work.

How will you benefit?

We will help officials develop confidence and skills for delivering a dynamic, engaging and effective learning sessions and meetings. We will reflect on the principles of adult learning and learning styles and equip learners with facilitating and presentation techniques which they will be able to adopt when presenting their work back at work. We will pay special attention on how to use participatory methods in learning sessions and meetings, give engaging lectures and keep the attention of the audience. We will also consider implications of non-verbal communication, the importance of giving feedback and creating a safe and stimulating learning environment.

What will you learn?

The whole event will showcase the principles of participatory approach to learning. The workshop will be designed in an interactive and practical approach, where participants will work in groups or individually on practical cases. They will be encouraged to share their experience, recognize and encompass different perspectives, and work in teams by applying participatory and peer-to-peer learning methods.

This learning initiative will be delivered in English.

By the end of this workshop, learners are expected to:

  • effectively present and articulate views and opinion
  • illustrate the usage of different presentation techniques
  • design effective learning session and meeting
  • summarize the specifics of adult learning
  • explain the participatory approach to learning
  • relate to different learning styles for themselves and others

Who should attend?

The workshop is primarily designed for experts working in prudential regulation and supervision who are occasionally involved in knowledge-sharing activities (workshops, seminars and conferences). More specifically, we are inviting:

  • employees from banking regulation departments, from banking supervision departments, and those from banking resolution units
  • employees that are involved in coordination of prudential supervision
  • other financial sector (insurance, pension funds, capital markets) regulators and supervisors
  • other representatives from central banks and financial supervisory authorities

Lead experts

Nina Dušić Hren

Nina is a psychologist, entrepreneur and soft skills coach. She helps business leaders and employees improve their public speaking, communication and sales skills. In her organization, Dober stik (Good Connection) she runs educations, facilitates workshops and organizes events. At this learning event she will train participants how to set objectives and prepare a compelling and well-designed presentation.


Matija Čarman

Matija heads the thematic area of central banking, he designs the learning program curriculum and facilitates learning events. Prior to proceeding with his MA in Bank and Financial Management, he worked as a business analyst in development and support of financial information system. He also holds BA in Business Informatics. Matija will co-facilitate this learning event and help participants learn about different facilitation techniques.


Ajda Turk

Ajda is an expert in community building. As BA in Adult Learning she facilitates discussions and work in improving CEF learning approach (online and face-to-face), manages the Line Ministries Portal, and helps institutions become KnowledgeHubs. Her curiosity leads her to do a research in finding best solutions for the individuals to improve their performance and organizations to achieve their goals through learning. Ajda will co-facilitate this learning event and guide participants to learn through their own experience new facilitation and presentation techniques.


This learning initiative is supported by:

Bank of Slovenia Slovenia's Development Cooperation
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