Leadership for Managing Reforms

The program is cross-cutting through all thematic areas. It encourages finance officials across different institutions to innovate, share their knowledge, and encourage colleagues to try out new or alternative approaches while mitigating the risks related to novel ideas and initiatives. We explore leadership through the prism of sound management and individuals’ efficiency, and give guidance on how to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing.

Leadership learning program supports our constituency’s efforts in:

  • Enhancing trust and cooperation among institutions

    We continue creating opportunities for officials to meet and interact – physically and online. We scale up in-country networking activities, such as study visits and consultations. We convene high-level officials and policymakers to nurture understanding of challenges common to regional leaders.

  • Strengthening leadership and management capacities that promote change

    We offer learning opportunities that address the latest knowledge of management and leadership. At personal, team and institutional levels, we help our constituency strengthen leadership and management capacities to promote change. We continue providing opportunities to learn about practical tools to improve work performance and resilience, build and manage teams, and strategically plan organizational change.

  • Facilitating learning and knowledge sharing

    We help institutions become learning organizations and knowledge hubs. We develop our network of officials with expertise and developed good practice that are outstanding in the region, and offer opportunities to share this knowledge with peers across the region and elsewhere. Acting as learning facilitators and knowledge brokers, we constantly upgrade our understanding of modern principles of adult learning and skills to design and deliver practical and engaging learning initiatives. We continue sharing with our beneficiaries that kind of expertise and experience through for example our Knowledge Hub blog and training-of-trainers workshops.