Leadership for Managing Reforms

We support people, teams, and institutions to envision, design, and implement policy reforms. That is why we offer learning events that stimulate public officials’ personal capabilities and growth combined with content related to their expertise. We mostly focus on interaction and communication capacities, problem-solving, networking, digital skills, policy cycles, and management. We support teams in public administration in organizing their work based on trust and values and explore modalities for joint problem-solving that work best for them, bringing in innovation and a spirit of joint achievements. We also help public institutions to advance as knowledge-centered, resilient, and innovative organizations. In turn, we expect public institutions to strengthen their intra- and inter-institutional coordination as well as leadership skills centered around the effort to bring new thinking to designing reforms that support green, smart, and fair economic growth.

Topic lead

Polona Sirnik

Officer, Leadership and Learning Ecosystems


2023 Highlights


In 2023 we will continue to support the mechanisms for the coordinated and participatory Economic Reform Programme (ERP) process that is a part of the FISR2 project - Structural Reforms Better Integrated Within Fiscal Frameworks. This entails systematically addressing the challenges in the coordination process. We will be addressing improved coordination through strengthening capacities such as: team work and action planning; collaborative problem-solving; communication and writing; negotiation techniques; digitalization of the ERP; building on personal strengths and leadership capacities. In terms of the format of our activities we also introduced coaching for the ERP coordinators and an approach to team-planning that is entirely participatory based and aims to address the coordination process of the ERP with early involvement of all stakeholders, and iterative cycles of co-creation.