Management Accounting (By Invitation)

Mar 25 – Jun 7, 2021 Online No Fee

Management Accounting module is part of the certification training project for accountants in public sector of North Macedonia. Syllabus is designed by CIPFA and project is implemented by the CEF in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance of North Macedonia.

About this learning event

As part of the Public Accountants Certification Training (PACT), certificate level, students get structured learning opportunities (tutorials plus exams) to deepen their knowledge of a range of key concepts and methods relevant for accountants. The Management Accounting (MA) module introduces the principles of costing and budgeting and their use in providing information to support the management’s decision-making. The skills and knowledge that students develop in this module are crucial in performing the finance professional roles of steward, enabler, and innovator and underpin much of the activity associated with the business partner role.

It is the first time we are implementing online training for the Management Accounting module, which will be delivered from March until May, followed by examination sitting in June and re-sit exam in September 2021. Participants, who successfully finish all PACT exams will be awarded an internationally recognized CIPFA certificate. Management Accounting is the second module to be delivered for the new PACT generation; previously we successfully completed the Financial Accounting module. 

Who should attend

In-class training and exams are available for accountants who work in the public sector of North Macedonia and are enrolled in the first level of the certification training project. 

Faculty (tutors)

The training is delivered by a team of four experts (tutors) from North Macedonia:

  • Marina Trpeska, Associate Professor at University of St Kiril and Metodij, Faculty of Economics, Skopje 
  • Marina Joveska Blazheska, Ministry of Finance, North Macedonia
  • Boban Paunov, Ministry of Finance, North Macedonia
  • Fatmir Ademi, Ministry of Finance, North Macedonia


PACT project is financially supported by the Slovene Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Slovenian Aid. The Ministry of Finance of North Macedonia and the CEF provide in-kind support to the project.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Slovenia Slovenia's Development Cooperation Ministry of Finance, North Macedonia