Regional Networking for Structural Reforms (By Invitation)

Mar 22, 2022 / No Fee
Feb 27, 2022 Leadership for Managing Reforms

This event will be a training-of-trainers (ToT) for the Network of Regional Experts in Structural reforms established under the FISR project and ERP coordinators.

About this learning event

Throughout the FISR project, there have been several learning and knowledge sharing initiatives. One of the key outcomes are knowledge products that support capacity development on Structural reforms (SRs) as well as learning and knowledge sharing. The participants will gain an insight into the FISR knowledge legacy and discuss when and how they can be used in the future, in their own environments and learning opportunities. The training will also provide a hands-on experience in organizing learning initiatives.

During this learning initiative we will address:

  • Advancing the ERP Digitalization Process
  • Communication and Listening Skills
  • Comparative Analysis of ERP 2021-2023 Assessment Reports
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Structural Reforms
  • How can a Line Ministry Become a Learning Organization
  • Integration of Structural Reforms and Fiscal Frameworks 
  • Learning and Facilitation in a Virtual Environment
  • Monitoring Structural Reforms

Throughout this learning initiative, we will address approaches for interactive learning and peer knowledge sharing. This learning initiative will strive to better enable experts to share their knowledge and skills within their institution and externally among the institutions in the region. Furthermore, it will help them to effectively present their findings, reports, or in their everyday work. Through practical and group work the participants will be trained how to use the learning materials and use them in other knowledge sharing initiatives.

Additionally, we will present the Network of Regional Experts (NRE), from the perspective of future activities and plans. Members of the NRE will confirm their annual plan and the agenda of their activities that will be defined by the members themselves.

What will you learn

This event will be highly participatory and oriented towards individual and institutional capacity development in the process of preparing Economic Reform Programs while fostering intra-institutional, inter-institutional, and regional cooperation by focusing on:

  • Strengthening technical capacities and leadership skills of its members so that they can comprehensively grasp and have a holistic approach in the ERP preparation process
  • Strengthening intra- and inter-institutional coordination
  • Promoting the exchange of good practices among public officials across the region on their activities related to the assessment of fiscal implications of SRs.

By attending it, the participants will have a possibility to develop their capacities as trainers as well as their technical knowledge on the preparation of the ERP, which will be covered through different learning resources.

Target audience

Invited to participate are the officials involved in the design, costing and budgeting of structural reforms outlined in the ERP, which include: 

  • National ERP Coordinators and their teams
  • Members of the Network of Regional Experts in Structural Reforms
  • FISR Local consultants
  • FISR Expert Advisory Group


This event is delivered as part of the EU funded project “Strengthening Line Ministries’ Capacities to Assess Fiscal Implications of Structural Reforms” (FISR) implemented by the CEF.

Funded by the European Union