How to Write a Reflective Learning Blog

May 20, 2022 Online No Fee
May 19, 2022 Leadership for Managing Reforms

About this learning event

Reflecting on your learnings is a proven and very effective method of understanding and enhancing your individual, team, and institutional capacity. And one of the most excellent tools for documenting your experiences is writing a reflective learning blog. By writing it you can provide a platform for others to leverage from your findings and develop them further. Acknowledging what we already know and still have to learn is a crucial component of growth and progress.

What will you learn

As future authors of the learning blogs, you will receive concrete recommendations on how you can write good and meaningful reflective blog posts. This will be also demonstrated through examples of effective writings, both from the CEF blog section and external sources. We will look into different possibilities of its usage and discuss the elements needed for effectively writing one:

  • Composing the content and presenting your argument: facts vs. perspective
  • Creating the structure
  • Basic text imperatives
  • The writing style
  • Use of other media and visual aids to enhance the message

Who should attend

Invited are all NRE and ERP Coordinators and their team members and members of ERP teams. But we recommend it also to public officials in HR and Communications departments, and others interested in writing a blog on their learning journeys.


The learning initiative will be delivered under the guidance of:

  • Clive Martlew, Experienced leadership coach and organization development facilitator. Exploring Reflective Practices for developing leadership.

Clive has over 30 years experience of working in leadership, organization development, change management, and learning. He has been Head of Learning with three large complex organizations going through major transformations - the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Scottish Government, and Glasgow City Council.

  • Urška Miklič, Partnership and Communication Specialist, CEF

Urša is responsible for managing partnership relations with CEF stakeholders. Her responsibilities also include the implementation of communication strategy, communication analytics, and development of other content and materials to promote the CEF’s work and assure visibility of the CEF’s activities. She is also co-editor of the CEF's BLOG section.

Practical information

This webinar is free to join. Please feel free to bring this webinar to the attention of your colleagues who may also find the discussion useful.

When: May 20, 2022, at 10:00 CEST. The webinar room will open 20 minutes before the official start.

Duration: 90 minutes