Improving Tax Debt Management

Oct 25 – 27, 2022 Pristina, Kosovo No Fee
Oct 6, 2022 Tax Policy and Administration

About this learning event

Many tax administrations are concerned about tax debt management, and some countries' experiences in the region suggest that the tax debt is growing despite improvements in tax collection procedures. This workshop will guide participants on how to analyze better and understand  the tax debt.

What will you learn

Participants will discuss the structures, methodologies, and processes needed to successfully manage tax debt, including the key role of debt collection offices. Participants will learn about debt management functions, their underlying legal context, organizational setup, and ways to improve them. Strengthening these functions is particularly relevant now, as tax debts are increasing due to the Covid-19-induced circumstances. Digitalization of such processes and reliable IT support have an important role therefore we will address also this perspective. 

As the Tax Administration of Kosovo has changed its organizational approach toward tax debt management and witnessed great progress during recent years, a Kosovo case will be shared. 

The technical assistance from IMF to Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) was provided with the financial support from European Commission (EU) and Swiss State Secretariat for Econmic Affairs (SECO). 

We will focus on real challenges related to debt collection therefore participants will be asked to submit a short questionnaire before the workshop to provide us with some important insights.

Who should attend

Heads of debt collection units and tax debt offices are kindly invited to register. 


  • Steffen Norman Hansen, CEF Associate Fellow, former IMF Regional Revenue Administration Advisor
  • Jim Sorensen, IMF Regional Revenue Administration Advisor
  • Hans Kappen, Tax and Customs Administration, the Netherlands
  • Representatives of the Tax Administration of Kosovo

Practical information

  • The workshop will be delivered at Hotel International Pristina, Kosovo. 
  • Please check if you need a visa for entering Kosovo. We kindly encourage those, who need a visa, to register as soon as possible to proceed with all procedures for obtaining visas timely. 
  • The event is envisaged to be delivered as a face-to-face event. In case Covid-19 circumstances will not allow this, the event will be delivered as an online course (virtually). 
  • Simultaneous translation from Albanian to English (and vice versa) will be provided at the event. 


This learning initiative was supported by:

International Monetary Fund Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Tax Administration, Kosovo
European Commission (EC) State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO - 1 Ministry of Finance Slovenia