Challenges in Implementing IFRS 9 and Policy Recommendations for Supervisors

Sep 26 – 28, 2023 CEF, Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee

About this learning event

The International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 9: Financial Instruments was issued to introduce three major changes, first, in classification and measurement of financial instruments, second, calculation of expected credit loss (ECL), and third, hedge accounting. Setting the same accounting standards for all financial institutions brings benefits in availability and quality of financial data, and ensuring its international comparability and transparency. In addition, it contributes to robust assessment of credit, market, and liquidity risk.

The workshop will focus on the challenges that bank supervisors face while providing guidance to banks during the transition and implementation of IFRS 9. We will address policy recommendations for their efficient guidance in the process and explore the measures, that can be applied to mitigate IFRS 9 impacts on banks.

By presenting examples of good practices, we will encourage participatory discussion about the most common obstacles in IFRS 9 implementation in different countries. We will also explore how to raise awareness with banks’ boards and senior management on the significance of the challenges in implementation of financial instruments’ standard.

Moreover, we will learn how accounting data can lead to an appropriate and comprehensive measurement of expected credit losses, and what skills and analytical tools supervisors need. We will discuss how to improve data availability and quality.


  • Tatjana Drašković, MSc, Central Bank of Montenegro
  • Ludmila Andrusceac, National Bank of Moldova
  • Martin Vandervoort, European Central Bank
  • Luc Riedwieg, International Monetary Fund, MCM

Who should attend

Invited to participate are officials of supervisory authorities and supervision departments of central banks. Representatives of banking regulation are welcome as well.

Practical information

No participation fee will be charged. Meals, and refreshments during the event will be provided to all participants. Upon successful completion of this event, you will receive a certificate. For all the necessary information please read the General Information on Learning at CEF .


This learning initiative was supported by:

Bank of Slovenia National Bank of Moldova Centralna Banka Crne Gore
European Central Bank (ECB) International Monetary Fund