Accounting and Financial Reporting

We promote regional cooperation and sharing of experiences to support our constituency in overcoming challenges when transitioning to accrual-based accounting and adopting the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). We aim to strengthen public sector accountants’ role in the preparation and delivery of the accounting reforms, fight against fraud and corruption, better management of publicly owned assets, and cooperation with other key stakeholders in implementing the public sector reforms. We explore also why accounting matters from a central banking perspective by focusing on accounting and financial reporting framework and on accounting standards for banking and non-banking sector supervisors. Together with the Chartered Institute of Public Accountancy (CIPFA), we offer a platform for sharing knowledge, experience, best practices, and recommendations to public sector accountants and auditors at our joint annual international conference.

Topic lead

Jasmina Popović

Officer, Learning Program


2023 Highlights


Within Efficient Public Sector Asset Management program (EPSAM), we will continue addressing accounting for assets and how its challenges constrain financial reporting. We will investigate how to develop efficient public sector asset management systems. Special focus will be devoted to discussing various efforts and solutions to resolve the issue of assets recording in countries' national accounting frameworks and regulatory settings. By the end of the year, we will award successful Public Accountants Certification Training (PACT) students upon finishing the training, and conclude localization process by ensuring conditions for future independent running of the training by Public Finance Academy at the Ministry of Finance of North Macedonia. With international CEF-CIPFA conference we aim at inspiring public officials through real life examples on how digitalization in public sector can improve a) data and decision-making in asset management and b) public internal financial control, and c) increase impact on- and inclusion of civil society. We will meet regional public accountants and internal auditors to discuss how their knowledge, experience and regional learning needs of both professions can be even better integrated into our future learning program.