Mar 5, 2024

Slovak Ministry of Finance and CEF Support Change Leaders to Drive Public Financial Management Reforms in Southeast Europe

The Ministry of Finance of Slovakia (Ministry) and CEF continue their successful cooperation aimed at supporting the reform efforts of public administrations in Southeast Europe (SEE) towards increased financial accountability and transparency.

As part of its commitment to international development cooperation, the Ministry will support the capacity development of public officials, teams, and institutions in the CEF constituency, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, and Serbia.

During the period 2024-2027, the Ministry will contribute financially and also with its expertise to facilitate the successful implementation of two projects, namely the "Developing Efficient and Resilient Tax Institutions" (TAX) project and the "Empowered Accountants and Auditors for Accountable Public Sector" (EAPS) project. 

The TAX project aims to boost public revenues in beneficiary countries through the mobilization of the public revenue ecosystems, enhancing the capacities of tax administrations, ministries of finance, and other relevant public institutions. Additionally, it seeks to foster knowledge sharing to refine tax systems.

In parallel, the EAPS project focuses on empowering public sector auditors, accountants, and other relevant officials to become change agents and leaders in driving further reforms in public financial management and reinforcing the accountability of public institutions in the region.

We are confident that our collective endeavors will lead to driving impactful reforms in public financial management, enhancing accountability, and promoting transparency across the region, bringing about positive changes in SEE.