Digitalization of Internal Audit and Ensuring Quality

Nov 6 – 17, 2023 Online No Fee
Oct 27, 2023 Auditing

The main objective of this online course is to raise awareness on digitalization needs and capacities of internal auditors.

About this learning event

Internal audit units are continually undergoing changes as they adapt to different trends and employ tools to ensure high-quality and efficient auditing. Among those tools are digital innovations such as e-auditing and Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIPs). 

This interactive course will concentrate on digitalization trends that impact auditing work, exploring practical cases of incorporating technological innovations. Additionally, we will discuss how to ensure audit quality through a Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIPs). This program will serve as a platform for exchanging practices on how a systematic approach to internal audit activities via QAIP can help anticipate and meet stakeholder expectations.

The online course will be divided into two units. We estimate that each online unit will take about 6 hours to complete it. This time can be devoted according to individual preferences - only webinars and assignment require availability at a specific time. The first unit will introduce participants to digitalization innovations implemented in the region and the Netherlands, showcasing their positive effects on audit work. Practical examples will be supplemented with a practical assignment. Subsequently, participants will focus on enhancing their understanding and practical implementation of QAIP. Auditors need to grasp the requirements introduced by international standards and learn how to establish and execute an effective QAIPs. The online course will be participatory and interactive, supported by a regional expertise.  

Who should attend

This learning initiative has been designed for internal auditing professionals of ministries, agencies and other public-sector organizations in the SEE countries and officials working at the Central Harmonization Unit (CHU) 


The learning initiative will be delivered under the guidance of:

  • Vincent Gorka, Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
  • Florentine den Beer Poortugael, Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands
  • Anja Bajcar Kok, Budget Supervision Office, Ministry of Finance, Slovenia
  • Francis Nicholson, Independent Expert, USA
  • Experts from Central Harmonization Unit, Federal Ministry of Finance, BiH

Practical information

Applications need to be submitted no later than October 27, 2023. Participants are expected to take an active part in this online course activities. The success of the online course is directly dependent on the participants’ active engagement in the discussions and group work. In view of the interactive nature of the event, the participants are required to have:

  • a good command of the English language as there are no interpretation services planned
  • stable internet connection
  • microphone and a web camera

Applicants can expect to go through the selection process in order to be selected to take part in this initiative. The online course will be delivered through the CEF’s Online Learning Campus. Webinars will be delivered via Zoom.


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance Slovenia Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands