Learn4Dev Annual Meeting

Oct 3 – 6, 2023 CEF, Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee
Sep 3, 2023 CEF Governance and Outreach

About this learning event

The representatives of the network Learn4dev gather every year to share good practices and knowledge and identify possible further cooperation. 

The 2023 Annual Meeting will gather member institutions to share experiences, identify synergies, and discuss collaboration opportunities while exploring the value of being connected in the network.

One of the main focuses of the meeting will be on learning approaches that enable better knowledge management in organizations. Member institutions will be invited to share their practices of capturing, organizing, retaining, and sharing knowledge within their organizations, enabling them to facilitate learning and improve performance.

As knowledge management plays a central role in the concept of a learning organization, we will also explore the potential of public institutions becoming learning organizations. Public institutions can improve their overall results by transforming into a learning organization. This includes empowering public officials, improving teamwork, and enhancing overall performance, all of which contribute to continuous improvement and adaptation to changing circumstances.

The meeting will also feature a marketplace where members will showcase their ongoing activities, explore opportunities for future collaborations, and seek peer review on new ideas and initiatives. This will serve as a platform for fostering and creating new joint partnerships among member institutions.