Learn4Dev Annual Meeting

Oct 4 – 6, 2023 CEF, Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee
Sep 21, 2023 CEF Governance and Outreach

About this learning event

The 2023 Learn4dev Annual Meeting will gather member institutions to share experiences, identify synergies, and discuss collaboration opportunities while exploring the value of being connected in the network.

During the Annual Meeting, we will explore learning strategies that promote enhanced knowledge management within organizations. Member institutions will have the opportunity to present and discuss their approaches to effectively capturing, organizing, retaining, and sharing knowledge. Such exchange of practices aims to facilitate continuous learning and drive improved performance within their respective organizations.

The significance of knowledge management in the context of a learning organization will be a key focus of our discussions. We will explore the possibilities of organizations becoming and embracing the principles of a learning organization. This involves empowering public officials, fostering better teamwork, and enhancing overall performance, all of which contribute to continuous improvement and the ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.
The meeting will also feature a marketplace where members will showcase their ongoing activities, explore opportunities for future collaborations, and seek peer review on new ideas and initiatives. This will serve as a platform for fostering and creating new joint partnerships among member institutions.

Who should attend

The Annual Meeting is designed for Learn4dev member organizations and by invitation only. The representatives of the network Learn4dev gather every year to share good practices and knowledge and identify possible further cooperation. 


  • (Re) connect, share, learn and get inspired.
  • Expose the value and benefits that the network brings to its members.
  • Explore learning approaches and knowledge management strategies in organizations.
  • Create joint learning scenarios, learning practices and exchanges.

Practical Information

  • Participants are invited to apply by September 15, 2023. 
  • The event will take face-to-face in Ljubljana, Slovenia, From October 4-6, 2023.
  • There is no admission fee to attend the meeting.
  • Travel and accommodation costs are to be covered by participants and/or their employer institutions.
  • Refreshments, coffee breaks, lunch, and networking reception will be covered by the host. 
  • The event will be delivered in English.

This event is organized as a part of annual learn4dev activities and will take place at the CEF.  It will be organized back-to-back with Slovenian Development Days. 


This learning initiative was supported by:

Learn 4 Dev Slovenia's Development Cooperation