CEF Governance and Outreach

To deliver a high-quality learning and knowledge sharing program, we regularly consult with the CEF governance bodies consisting of the Governing Board, the Advisory Board and the Coordinators, who have distinct and complementary goals and responsibilities in supporting our activities.

Topic lead

Irena Lukač

Chief Officer, Governance and Communications


2024 Highlights


We will hold regular governance events and stakeholder outreach activities. The Governing Board will convene at its annual meeting in June in Chisinau, Moldova, and by correspondence in October. At its meetings, the Governing Board will review the CEF’s achievements, business and financial reports, future work plans and deliberate on important issues for the CEF’s way forward. The Advisory Board will make its review and recommendations to the CEF program development and implementation at its annual meeting in October. The Coordinators–representatives of ministries of finance, central banks, and tax administrations involved in strategic capacity development of their staff and institutions–will meet in autumn to review the CEF program and strategic directions, opportunities for joint activities, and reflect on the learning needs and priorities of the participating institutions. In addition, the tax and central bank Coordinators will also meet online to address a learning challenge that is specific to their expertises.