Dec 12, 2023

Fostering Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration: Job Shadowing Opportunities at the CEF

Recognizing the power of effective knowledge management, our aspiration is that the public institutions and partners we work with take a step toward becoming vibrant learning organizations. We firmly believe that knowledge of organizational learning and knowledge management can help them navigate the complexities of daily challenges. To foster a culture of continuous learning, we offer our partners invaluable job shadowing experience at the CEF.

Recently, Cal Hager, International Policy Manager at CIPFA, joined us on a transformative 3-week secondment with our team. During his stay, the CEF program team presented him with our learning program, methodologies, and strategic approaches. In return, Mr. Hager shared his extensive expertise in communications and media relations. He also shared CIPFA’s experience in the field of research and the operations of the CIPFA Global Public Finance Network, all contributing to the comprehensive understanding of the CIPFA International Strategy.

Following the successful secondment of Mr. Hager, we are now happy to welcome Ludmila Andrusceac, Grigore Frimu, Cristian Flistoc, and Nicolina Binchevici from the National Bank of Moldova to join our team. This collaborative effort involves a deep dive into people-centered learning methodologies and exploring the dynamic concept of a learning organization. During their stay, they will also visit Banka Slovenije and exchange valuable insights into regulation, HR practices, and payment systems.

We are convinced that such job shadowing initiatives highlight the commitment to building a robust partnership between CEF and our partners. The exchange of knowledge is becoming a catalyst for growth that brings tangible benefits and sets the ground for a fruitful and enduring collaboration.