Jun 18, 2024

CEF Drives Growth and Innovation in Learning and Knowledge Sharing: Insights from 2023 Annual Report

We are pleased to present our 2023 Annual Report, which provides a comprehensive summary of our activities over the past year. This report also highlights how we have progressed in our vision to inspire public officials to shape institutional governance that drives successful economies and fair societies.

In 2023, we continued to support our constituency in learning and knowledge sharing across four thematic areas, with a particular focus on providing quality learning for public officials in South East Europe. Our key thematic areas include Public Financial Management, Central Banking, Leadership for Managing Reforms, and Learning and Knowledge Ecosystems.

Last year, the CEF demonstrated significant growth and innovation. Over the year, we engaged 2,738 participants in learning and knowledge exchange and co-created nine knowledge products to enrich our learning portfolio. We expanded our learning offerings by introducing tailored job shadowing and secondment opportunities. These initiatives provide firsthand exposure and practical experience, equipping participants with invaluable insights and skills to drive impactful change in their respective roles.

To supplement our learning programs, we also emphasize mentoring and coaching. Participants have highlighted the value of these programs for personal and professional development. Through personalized guidance and support, coaching and mentorship enhance the learning experience and help participants realize their potential.

Additionally, we continued to facilitate communities of practice and networks, such as the Networks of Regional Experts for Structural Reforms and the Economic Reform Programme, as well as networks in auditing and accounting. These initiatives promote collaboration and inclusivity across the region, further supporting our mission to foster learning and knowledge sharing.

We invite you to download the full report here and browse through CEF’s 2023 highlights.