Risk Management in Central Banks

Nov 21 – 22, 2023 Online No Fee
Nov 21, 2023 Auditing

About this learning event

We will be addressing central bank risk management in 2 consecutive webinars of up to 90 minutes.

Starting of with a brief overview of governance in central banks and focusing more on the function of risk management, we will hear what kind of risks it entails and explain some of the main risks within the context of central banks and what are some of the risk management tools and techniques to address them.

We will also have a look at what are some of the current challenges that central banks are facing as a consequence of more recent developments. This will be followed with more specific topics, such as digitalization, fintech, and cyber security, as well as climate risks. At the webinars, we will also be hearing from the some of the specific international and regional practices.

Target audience

Officials working on internal audit and controls, representatives who are in charge of risk management; representatives of governor's offices and board secretariats; financial officers; representatives of legal services


The event is co-facilitated by Nicolina Binchevici from the National Bank of Moldova.


  • Ashraf Khan, Senior Financial Sector Expert at the Monetary and Capital Markets Department, International Monetary Fund
  • Fernando Monar, Director of Risk Management, European Central Bank
  • Angela Zagnitco, Chief of Operational Risk Management Division, National Bank of Moldova
  • Nikolina Binchevici, Senior Expert, National Bank of Moldova


This learning initiative was supported by:

Bank of Slovenia International Monetary Fund European Central Bank (ECB)
National Bank of Moldova