TIAPS ALB: Module 2: Good Governance, Managerial Accountability & Developing Strategy and Data Analysis

Sep 11 – Dec 20, 2023 Tirana, Albania No Fee
Sep 18, 2023 Auditing

About this learning event

This module  builds on the concepts explored in Module 1: Audit and Assurance to ensure internal audit’s provision of relevant, high quality, and timely assurance and advice. The module examines the principles of decision-making and managerial accountability to support organizational risk management and internal control. It also identifies the roles and responsibilities of internal audit management and leadership especially in respect of managing resources, people, and quality.

The module is organized as follows:

  • Governance and Managerial Accountability
  • Managing People
  • Quality Assurance
  • Managing the Internal Audit Activity
  • Data Analytics for Internal Auditing

Who should attend

This module is intended for students enrolled in the TIAPS Albania training.


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Slovenia Ministry of Finance Slovenia SIGMA - OECD
Ministry of Finance and Economy, Albania CIPFA