Experiences with Tax Reforms

Oct 22 – 24, 2024 CEF, Ljubljana, Slovenia No Fee
Sep 22, 2024 Tax and Revenue Collection

About this learning event

At this workshop, representatives from the CEF constituency will be invited to share their experiences with recent tax reforms that they have implemented. We will examine the reforms related to the introduction of progressive taxes, windfall taxes, new transfer pricing regulation, significant changes in the VAT regime, and updates to IT systems. We will discuss various aspects of these reforms, including the rationale behind their implementation, the challenges faced by authorities while introducing them, the legislative process involved, the accompanying changes in systems and personnel, the management of the social dialogue throughout the implementation, effective communication with the public and opposition, prioritization and sequencing of changes, and the overall impact of the reforms.

Who should attend

Medium and top management from tax administration and ministries of finance, communication specialists