Tax and Revenue Collection

The learning and knowledge sharing initiatives support tax institutions in South East Europe in developing capacities needed for increasing the efficiency and resilience of tax administrations. The main objective is to contribute to the increase of public revenues in beneficiary countries through the mobilization of the public revenue ecosystems, improving tax systems by enhancing the capacities of tax administrations, ministries of finance, and other relevant public institutions, and promoting knowledge sharing. We look into pressing issues in the areas of domestic revenue mobilization, compliance risk management, digital security and digitalization of business processes, tax education and literacy, human resource management, global minimum tax, and knowledge management.

Topic lead

Maja Tomšič Pavlič

Officer, Learning Program


2024 Highlights


Our experiences show that tax officials in the region require comprehensive learning events, in which technical and leadership skills are enhanced. To address this need, the program will provide a workshop on Human Resources Management: Decision-Making Process in Risk Management. Additionally, we will continue to address the importance of fostering domestic revenue mobilization by delivering the workshop on Green Transition within Domestic Revenue Mobilization. Our efforts will also concentrate on helping tax institutions in enhancing their capacities to improve tax systems. Public officials will gain knowledge and develop their capabilities in areas such as Base Erosion and Profit Shifting, Global Minimum Tax, and Tax Challenges Arising from Digitalization. The inclusion of study visits and the CEF Tax Coordinators meeting on Active Learning Strategies will allow tax officials to recognize the necessity of investing in knowledge management for the development of stronger and more resilient institutions.