Tax and Revenue Collection

We support tax administrations and other relevant institutions in increasing efficiency in their day-to-day business operations. We look into pressing issues in the areas of domestic revenue mobilization, compliance risk management, digital security, e-services, cooperation between tax administrations and ministries of finance, and tax morale. In designing new learning opportunities, we consider the latest EU recommendations, international good practices, and technological developments that have allowed for significant advances in tax transparency. We also explore strategies that help tax administrations act as effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions.

Topic lead

Maja Tomšič Pavlič

Officer, Learning Program


2023 Highlights


Our experiences show that tax officials from the region need complex learning events, in which technical and leadership skills are enhanced. In this respect, the program will offer a workshop on How CRM Processes Impact Tax Morale. This event will be hosted in Skopje and jointly organized with the Public Revenue Office in North Macedonia. The program will continue to address the importance of fostering domestic revenue mobilization by designing the conference on Challenges in Improving Domestic Revenue Mobilization for Sustainable Development. At the same time, our focus will remain on helping tax administration to develop knowledge-sharing culture by providing webinars, at which we will together with CEF tax coordinators discuss ways for strengthening their capacity for systematic knowledge-sharing. Moreover, Training of Trainers for tax officials, who want to explore different learning methods and learn how to design and facilitate engaging learning activities, will be designed.