Feb 23, 2023

Our Strong Partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Finance

This week we were happy to welcome Angelique van Haasteren and Annemiek Hellemons from the International Cooperation Directorate at the Dutch Ministry of Finance. With the support of the Dutch Ministry of finance, we provide a platform to public officials from both the CEF constituency as well as the Dutch constituency at the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to share knowledge, make meaningful connections, and shape their country’s reform efforts.

During the visit, Ms. van Haasteren and Ms. Hellemons welcomed participants joining the learning events on performance auditing and on ways to design and facilitate dynamic and engaging knowledge sharing activities. Both events are part of the projects we deliver in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands. 
At the performance audit workshop, participants gained skills in auditing performance frameworks and were taken through each phase of a performance audit using practical steps, based on the experience of the Central Government Audit Service of the Dutch Ministry of Finance. In contrast, the training of trainers provided tax officials with a reference framework for understanding how learning works and the most effective ways to facilitate the learning of others.

We also continued bilateral discussions on ways to proceed with the cooperation taking on board lessons learned throughout the implementation of the past projects. The visit reinforced our strong partnership in delivering learning initiatives within the auditing and tax and revenue collection topics.