Training of Trainers: Knowledge Sharing and Presentation Skills

Apr 9 – 11, 2024 Podgorica, Montenegro No Fee
Mar 19, 2024 Learning and Knowledge Ecosystems

About this learning event

This training of trainers is designed for a smaller group of participants who will learn how to design and facilitate dynamic and engaging learning and knowledge sharing activities. We will discuss critical elements needed for the successful delivery of the knowledge sharing activity, the role of different learning styles in the learning process, the principles of effective public speaking as well as the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication. In a safe and motivating learning environment, participants will have an opportunity to practice delivering powerful presentations and will benefit from receiving feedback from peers and faculty members.

By the end of this training of trainers, the participants will:

  • Better understand the principles of adult learning to enhance the learning experience
  • Learn strategies to motivate participants and maintain engagement (how to interact with the audience)
  • Be aware of different learning styles and understand their implications for learning
  • Explore how to create a safe and motivating learning environment
  • Know how to use body language to improve confidence
  • Know how to overcome stage fright
  • Gain insights into their strengths and identify areas for further improvement when delivering presentation

Who should attend

This training has been designed for public officials interested in honing their presentation skills and learning how to make learning and knowledge sharing activities more efficient and engaging.

Public officials (e.g. HR specialists, team leaders, etc.) working at ministries of finance, line ministries, and tax administrations are welcome to apply. Regional experts involved in the implementation of the CEF Learning Program 2024 are also welcome to apply. 


  • Ana Frangež Kerševan, CEF

Ana is responsible for methodological design and delivery of trainings of tutors, design of conferences, and high-level events. With more than 10 years of background in investigating learning methodologies, contributing to the design and implementation of training programs for future tutors. She is driven by how learning works and what environment inspires learning. She believes in the power of experiential learning and her passion is exploring new ways to powerfully present ideas to different groups of audiences, also focusing on how to tackle soft skills in more technical substance workshops.

  • Tina Žagar, CEF

Tina supports the CEF’s efforts in helping SEE institutions develop their knowledge-sharing capabilities and become learning organizations in their own right. She is interested in exploring ways of turning CEF knowledge sharing initiatives into unique, fresh, and sharp experiences with direct relevance and immediate practical application for public officials in SEE.

Practical Information

  • Interested participants are invited to apply by March 9, 2024. 
  • The training duration is 2,5 days, with working days between 9 AM and 4:30 PM, with lunch and coffee breaks in between.
  • The event will be delivered in English language and translation will not be provided.
  • It will offer welcoming, interactive, and people-centered learning methods, that stimulate knowledge sharing.
  • Upon the successful completion of this event, participants will receive a certificate.
  • No participation fee will be charged.


This learning initiative was supported by:

Ministry of Finance Slovenia Ministry of Finance, the Netherlands Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic
Regional School of Public Administration Funded by the European Union